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Help the Author of this site

Hello There!

The author (Peter) had started a Go Fund Me page to get some help with purchasing Diabetic supplies and along with my phone service. My cell phone service is now suspended, and by the way I would prefer not to change phone numbers and carriers.

If you can help please do. Also, if you have questions please leave them below in the comment box.

Here is the link:

For those who are curious: I do have a job but it is extremely part-time work where it brings in enough money for petrol/gas for the car that I’m using for work. I work anywhere from three to nine hours or more a week depending on what I can get.

Thanks for your time.


We’re in the process of adding more photos to this site of the dog’s to this site soon. Also, we’re going to try to capture more photographs of the dogs, along, with one or two more videos of the dogs – not sure at this time. It depends on the time of the day when I’m able to take the photographs and videos of the dog’s.

Bye for now….


Site Update(s)

This is a *For Your Information* type post about the URL around June 20th; this domain would not be working because I wasn’t able to renew the domain mapping service on in time. It’s going to take me (Peter) several days to 10 days after June 20th to possibly get the domain mapping working possibly again.

Just wanted to share this with the followers of this site and for the occasional visitor to this site.

This is looking north on Spooner Lake taken in the fall of 2014.
This is looking north on Spooner Lake taken in the fall of 2014.